Outers Universal Pistol Kit

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Keep your firearms in prime condition with the Outers Universal Pistol Kit. It features quality cleaning attachments that fit the most popular calibers in a reusable clamshell for storage. This versatile 9mm pistol cleaning kit comes with an aluminum cleaning rod, three phosphor bronze brushes and three wool-blend mops. Also included are two spear-pointed jags, two slotted patch loops and a set of absorbent micro-fiber patches.
Outers Universal Pistol Kit:

  • Outers pistol cleaning kit for .22, 9mm, .38/.357, .40/10mm and .45 calibers
  • Aluminum cleaning rod
  • 3 phosphor bronze brushes and 3 wool-blend mops
  • 2 spear-pointed jags
  • 2 slotted patch loops
  • Micro-fiber absorbent patches
  • Reusable clam shell case
  • Workhorse of the Outers line
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