Payment methods

Payment methods accepted by Liberty Guns & Equipment are

  • Money Order (3% Cash Discount Applies)
  • Certified Check (3% Cash Discount Applies)
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Credit Cards (Retail Price). Debit cards may only be run as Credit Cards and therefore a Retail Price.

If you don't completely understand the cash-discount, you may proceed through checkout until the last page*. On the last page of checkout you can preview the total and the discount or non-discounted* prices. We do not receive your personal information unless you complete your order.


Checks and Money Orders should be mailed to:

Liberty Guns & Equipment LLC

139 S. Main Street

Mullins, SC 29574


Please verify that your name and order number is included on your payment so that we quickly credit your order.

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